Vacation Palette NFT

We had a fantastic time on vacation in Maui. I think Hawaii is the most beautiful state in the union. The food, the beaches, the scenery - it was unforgettable. But we just could not get away from it. Almost every bozo we spoke to that week was flipping NFTs.

In an effort to create a fitting memento of such a wonderful vacation, and a crazy time in crypto mainstream adoption, I picked some of my favorite colors from a photo we took. This is the vacation palette. These colors will forever remind me of that magnificent sky created by the setting sun.

const pallete = {
  lightOrange: '#f7ce88',
  lightPink: '#ffc7d5',
  midPink: '#fb8395',
  lightBlue: '#99e6ff',
  midBlue: '#00bfff',
  lightGray: '#f0f4f4',
  darkGray: '#434365',

I'm a fan of abstract art. I admired it long before Fidenza, which you can clearly see gave me inspiration. After some fiddling with HTML canvas, I threw together a generative function to give the vacation palette its own abstract instance.

The vacation palette function is a mere 920 bytes of minified JavaScript code. A canvas can be regenerated any time, as long as the function is given the same input.

There are 2 styles of ouput. The above canvas has opaque lines with shadows. The other type has transparent lines with no shadows.

The original vacation palette collection has a total of 300 pieces. Any address can mint 1 piece and there is no fee to mint aside from the Ethereum network gas cost. But once all 300 are minted, that's it, no more.

I think it's fun to make each piece unique and special for the minter. I want the minter to have the opportunity to hold the figurative brush to the canvas; So I baked that into the algorithm. The address of the sender of the mint transaction is used as the seed for the random number generator that draws the lines on the canvas.

It doesn't stop there. The mechanism also allows an unsigned integer to push the pseudorandom sequence ahead by a number of iterations. The minter can deterministicly pull the metaphorical slot machine lever, and generate a brand new canvas as many times as they'd like before they mint. This allows the minter to settle on a canvas that they like most before they submit the irreversable mint transaction.

The above canvas with shadows is generated using address 0x67c7d48DA5FF0Ca165c26944a5d01DF1D6F62c75 with a seed of 39, and the other canvas is the same address with a seed of 3.

A canvas can be fetched from /canvas/id/ and a JPG of the canvas can be fetched from /img/id.jpg. The metadata returned by the tokenURI function is available at /data/id/.

The official contract address is 0x980417022aC4e59BE079f2f805d70349C150A120 on Ethereum Mainnet. Note that the canvases do not render as intended in Safari. Mint your NFT using Brave, Safari, or Firefox. If minting has not yet concluded, you can mint a vacation palette NFT here.


0 of 300 NFTs have been minted.

Once all have been minted, you can find them on OpenSea.